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Ross taking Grace’s headband + disapproving Grace



but holy shit they better be doing a full cover 

ok ross ok


Riker Lynch: Badass Gangster 

1: Do you play any instruments?
2: Who got you into the band you adore now?
3: Do your real life friends approve of your music?
4: Do your parents approve of your music?
5: If you could jam with any band member ever, living or dead, who would it be?
6: Favourite Album?
7: Favourite Song?
8: Songs that you could listen to forever and never get tired of?
9: Songs that you've played so many times you're sick of it?
10: Any songs bring back bad/sad memories?
11: Any songs bring back happy memories?
12: A guilty pleasure band? (Bands you don't tell anyone you like.)
13: Favourite lyric?
14: What bands did you listen to growing up that you don't really listen to any more?
15: First band obsession?
16: Best music buddy? (Person to talk with)
17: Favourite musical instrument?
18: Band you are currently in love with?
19: Favourite band member of all time?
20: What type of music device to you own/use?
21: First concert? Favourite concert?
22: A concert you really want to see?
23: Do you enjoy singing?
24: Have you ever performed in front of others?
25: Do you sing in the shower? What's your go-to song?
26: What song/album do you listen to when you are happy?
27: What song/album do you listen to when you need a pick-me-up?
28: What song/album inspires you creatively?
29: First song that pops into your head, go!
30: Is your blog a music blog? If not, do you have one?
31: Ever joined a choir or band?
32: If you had to listen to only one genre of music for the rest of your life, what would it be?
33: If you had to listen to only one band for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?
34: Pop Vs Rap? Country Vs Classical? Metal vs Electronic? Why?
35: Why is music important to you?
36: Have you ever converted anyone to any of your favourite bands?
37: Any band you thought you wouldn't like, but did once you gave it a chance?
38: Any band you thought your would have liked, but ended up not enjoying?
39: What do you think of mosh pits?
40: When did music become an important factor in your life?
41: Define music in your own words.
42: Video Game music vs Movie soundtrack?
43: Have you met any of your favourite musician's?
44: Headphones or earphones?
45: Any band merch? If so, which is your favourite out of your collection?
46: It's 3 in the morning and you wanna DANCE. What song do you blast to the heavens?
47: Would you still like a band if you didn't like the people behind the music?
48: All time favourite photo of the band you currently adore?
49: You are locked inside a closet with your favourite band member for an entire day/night. What do you talk about/do?
50: Mini rant about any musical topic, go!

Hey R5Family! I have started yet another fanfic up on Wattpad! This one is for you Riker girls out there! My last fanfic “Heartbreaker” went very well! So I’m hoping you guys will like this one too! Please check it out! 

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jessiejlovesu asked:  or mix ups & mistletoes or real life & reel life?


AU: Ross talks about you and your newborn in an interview. (Requested by anonymous)